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Subject: Re: Ah well...
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Subject: Re: Ah well...
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On 8/11/2017 1:52 @wiz, nospam wrote:

>> No.  They build the same boring old cameras that were great news 55
>> years ago: slrs.  The "D" in front is just for marketing.
> nonsense. the d is for digital. there weren't digital cameras 55 years
> ago.

But there were slrs.  And that is old news.

>> Nowadays?  No way!
> considering what it can do, it's cheap.

Like I said: nowadays? No way!

> nikon lenses are quite good.

when they work...

>> Aww, let me see...
>> Lack of modern products at a reasonable price, capable of keeping them
>> afloat while other companies sell a better product and stay on the market?
> nonsense.

Good.  Keep using their crap.
I won't.