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Subject: The Sony A7IIIr Manual is Online
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From: android <here@there.was>
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Subject: The Sony A7IIIr Manual is Online
Date: Thu, 09 Nov 2017 21:11:35 +0100
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"Power Cord
For Customers in the U.S.A.
If you have any questions about this product, you may call:
Sony Customer Information Center
1-800-222-SONY (7669). The number below is for the FCC related matters 

Regulatory Information
For the customers in the UK, Ireland, Malta, Cyprus and Saudi Arabia Use 
the power cord (A). For safety reasons, the power cord (B) is not 
intended for above countries/regions and shall therefore not be used 
there. For the customers in other EU countries/regions
Use the power cord (B)."

You obviously need more protection from the British power grid than the 
French but???


teleportation kills