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In article<>, Eric Stevens<> wrote:

> >> > meanwhile, the rest of the world wants to do actual work, not open
> >> > up their computer and swap parts all day long.
> >> 
> >> The usual asshat reply from nospam.   People don't "swap parts all day 
> >> long".  They do it when needed from time to time.
> >
> >actually, they don't. the vast majority of users have someone else
> >repair their computer, just as they do with their cars, tvs and other
> >products.
> Computer repairers usually charge on the basis of time and that's a
> good reason for making the replacement of parts quick and easy.

these days, it's usually a flat rate repair regardless of problem,
sometimes tiered depending on severity. same for cameras.

> >it makes a lot more sense to optimize a computer for every day use,
> >versus something that *might* happen.
> >
> >some cars have the battery in the wheel well, requiring a wheel to be
> >removed just to swap the battery. since car batteries usually last 5-10
> >years, that's a very good design decision.
> That's a lousy design decision. It's even worse than having to remove
> a wheel and the wheel-arch liner just to change a headlight bulb.

only if one has to repeatedly change bulbs. fortunately, modern bulbs
don't burn out very often (as in, outlasting the vehicle) and batteries
last much longer than they used to.