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On 11/9/2017 7:36 PM, Savageduck wrote:
> On1 Photo RAW 2018 Final Release Is here, and so far I am impressed. It is a
> great improvement over previous On1 products. I believe that it is good
> enough to be a viable Lightroom/Photoshop alternative for those looking for
> one.All the usual familiar stuff, including nondestructive layers, and Resize
> are available, and there are plenty of tutorials available for learning the
> finer points.
> For those continuing with an LR/PS workflow, On1 Photo RAW 2018 installs, and
> works as an LR&  PS plugin as it did in the past.
> Mac users also get an Apple Photos extension if they choose to go in that
> direction.
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> <>

It works fine for me, as a PS plugin. I am first starting to use LR 
instead of Bridge and think it is far more convenient. For my workflow I 
made a mistake in converting some of my NEF files to DNG when importing 
them. I use Capture purely as an aid to diagnose problem files, so the 
conversion to DNG removes that value for me. Also, I am surprised that I 
am unable to find a free DNG codec from Adobe. I don't see any real 
advantage in converting to DNG.