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On Thursday, 9 November 2017 18:15:38 UTC, PeterN  wrote:
> On 11/9/2017 12:44 PM, nospam wrote:
> > In article<>, PeterN
> > <"peter,newdelete"> wrote:
> > 
> > 
> >>>
> >>> Alternatively, does anyone have any photos taken in 'summer' time on an
> >>> iPhone in a time zone ahead of UK, such as mainland Europe etc? If so,
> >>> can you advise what these two EXIF fields say please?
> >>> Date TimeOriginal
> >>> GPS Date Timestamp
> >>>
> >>> That might help me fathom why my iPhone shows these as only differing by
> >>> one hour instead of two. My wife's Sony Xperia (Android OS) does show
> >>> two.
> >>>
> >>> Terry, East Grinstead, UK
> >>>
> >>
> >> If you contact Apple support, or go to an Apple store they will give you
> >> the answer. I found Apple support to be helpful. Yes I do pay for it.
> >> Before I had Apple Care, I had an issue on my iPhone that the folks at
> >> an Apple store were only to glad to help me with.
> > 
> > there is no need to pay for applecare to get help at an apple store,
> > whether or not the product is under warranty or applecare. they'll even
> > help with getting an iphone or ipad to work with a pc laptop.
> > 
> That is not the point. the OP had a problem, and I gave him what I 
> consider to be a valid solution. There is no need to start an argument.

But what you said wasn't stricty correct.

> If you contact Apple support, or go to an Apple store they will give you
> the answer. I found Apple support to be helpful. Yes I do pay for it. 

YOU DO NOT have to pay for apple support within the 1st year at least.
If you have applecare you get 3 years support.
But even when you don't have applecare and the product is out of warrenty sometime Apple will still
support it.

So while this might be a small point, it's still important to get it right.

Bcause it might give the impression that if you have a problem such as not knowing why the time
isn't what you expect it to be you can always go into an applestore and ask, you are NOT expected to
pay a fee on the door or at the counter.

Of course you could do it on-line.
No where are you asked to pay for this type of support.

I've never used the support but I do know people that have used both apple support,  and MS support.
MS  via their premium line which cost one person I know of £400 and about a months phone calls and
still didn't get his wireless keyboard working with vista on his new laptop.

> -- 
> PeterN