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Subject: Re: Jupiter photos
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On Thursday, 9 November 2017 19:11:34 UTC, Mayayana  wrote:
> "Whisky-dave"<> wrote
> | >   Except that the colors are made-up,
> |
> | Itls a bit likke claiming that bats don;t fly at night because you can;t 
> see them in the dark,
>   No. It's a bit like saying people are coloring in
> B/W photos willy nilly.

It;s not willy nilly when they have the information that tells you what the colours mean. It's like
staining cells in biology at school there's a reason for doing it and it's not for artistic
perception of reality.
you might as well say our eyes colour in willy nilly as not everyone sees the exact same colour(s).