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Subject: Re: Timestamp confusion
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Subject: Re: Timestamp confusion
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In article<>,
Whisky-dave<> wrote:

> > >> If you contact Apple support, or go to an Apple store they will give you
> > >> the answer. I found Apple support to be helpful. Yes I do pay for it.
> > >> Before I had Apple Care, I had an issue on my iPhone that the folks at
> > >> an Apple store were only to glad to help me with.
> > > 
> > > there is no need to pay for applecare to get help at an apple store,
> > > whether or not the product is under warranty or applecare. they'll even
> > > help with getting an iphone or ipad to work with a pc laptop.
> > > 
> > 
> > That is not the point. the OP had a problem, and I gave him what I 
> > consider to be a valid solution. There is no need to start an argument.
> But what you said wasn't stricty correct.

it was mostly incorrect.

> > If you contact Apple support, or go to an Apple store they will give you
> > the answer. I found Apple support to be helpful. Yes I do pay for it. 
> YOU DO NOT have to pay for apple support within the 1st year at least.
> If you have applecare you get 3 years support.
> But even when you don't have applecare and the product is out of warrenty
> sometime Apple will still support it.

that is not strictly correct either.

getting support at an apple store is free, regardless of warranty
status or applecare coverage and in some cases, may involve non-apple
products (e.g., how do i sync my ipod with my pc laptop).

however, if the solution requires a hardware repair and the product is
out of warranty or it's user damage, there will *probably* be a cost,
but in some cases, they may waive that. 

for example, i know someone who bought a new iphone and dropped it a
couple of days later, shattering the front glass. he went to the apple
store. told them exactly what happened, that he dropped the phone and
was entirely at fault, and asked how much it would cost to fix, fully
expecting to pay for it. they replaced it with a new iphone, for free.

> So while this might be a small point, it's still important to get it right.

it's always important to get it right.

> Bcause it might give the impression that if you have a problem such as not
> knowing why the time isn't what you expect it to be you can always go into an
> applestore and ask, you are NOT expected to pay a fee on the door or at the
> counter.