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On Fri, 10 Nov 2017 08:18:35 -0500, nospam<nospam@nospam.invalid>

>In article<>, Eric Stevens
><> wrote:
>> >> >> By that reasoning, all PC box manufacturers and assemblers, including
>> >> >> HP and Dell are run by stupid people.
>> >> >
>> >> >pretty much, and a very accurate assessment of dell.
>> >> 
>> >> They must be doing something right. They have twice the market share
>> >> of Apple.
>> >
>> >market share doesn't matter and apple doesn't chase it anyway. 
>> >
>> >apple, with it's supposedly 'low market share', is on the verge of
>> >becoming the first *trillion* dollar company, while hp, with 'twice the
>> >market share of apple', is but a tiny fraction of apple, currently
>> >about $35b.
>> >
>> >if anyone is doing something right, it's apple.
>> But it's not with desktop PCs.
>yes with desktop pcs. 
>mac sales are up while the overall pc market is shrinking. 

You are changing the subject. We were originally comparing Apple and
Dell who of the latter you wrote (above) "assemblers, including HP and
Dell are run by stupid people .... pretty much, and a very accurate
assessment of dell." We were not discussing the overall PC market.
>not that it matters since the future is not desktop pcs. that game is
>> >also keep in mind that most of hp and dell sales are corporate
>> >contracts, not end users, which is a totally different market segment,
>> >something those who mindlessly spout market share numbers fail to
>> >understand.
>> A desktop computer sold is a desktop computer sold. It doesn't really
>> matter who the buyer is.
>absolutely wrong.



Eric Stevens