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On Fri, 10 Nov 2017 02:57:48 -0800 (PST), Whisky-dave<> wrote:

>On Thursday, 9 November 2017 20:50:51 UTC, Eric Stevens  wrote:
>> On Thu, 09 Nov 2017 07:49:00 -0500, nospam<nospam@nospam.invalid>
>> wrote:
>> >In article<>, Eric Stevens
>> ><> wrote:
>> >
>> >> >>  It might be
>> >> >> an ugly SoB but that was largely because it was designed to hold a
>> >> >> wide variety of hardware which could be installed or replaced without
>> >> >> the use of any tools whatsoever.
>> >> >
>> >> >it need not be ugly to do that.
>> >> 
>> >> It was Whisky-dave who said it was ugly. 
>> >
>> >he's right.
>> It didn't matter. It was out of sight under my desk.
>So still takes up extra space, obviously under the desk is the designated place to put a desktop.
>Why would you want to put a desktop PC under a desk ?
>Was it really that ugly that yuo had to hid it under the desk ?

.... because it left me more room on the desk top.
>When  we had PC desktops under the desk they got filled with lots of dust and grime and got kicked
by the students some got kicked over, but that's students for you. Our new desktop PC have been
designed like iMacs so the screen and computer both sit on the desktop.
I don't have that problem of abuse or lack of maintenance.
>> >> I don't think it was ugly but
>> >> it was what it was and it was extremely utilitarian. 
>> >
>> >in other words, boring.
>> But practical.
>But you put a desktop computer under the desk why , there must be some reason.

I told you above. Besides, I don't buy computers for their ornamental
>> >> I could swap
>> >> drives in it in a fraction of the time it took me to do the same task
>> >> in the Dell which followed it.
>> >
>> >if all you do is open it and swap drives, then that's the computer to
>> >get.
>> Two thumbscrews to get the side panel off. Unplug the drive. Flip the
>> lock open on the drive mount and slide out the drive. Slide in the new
>> drive, flip the lock closed, plug in the drive, refit the cover and
>> screws. An easy 10 minutes from power off to power on.
>I just attach a drive to a USB port takes a few seconds, even though we have about 40 PCs in the
lab we haven't had to change a drive in years.

Would you want to hang a drive on the kind of USB port circa 2000?
>But we did for years run a course unit on hpw PCs work and how to change cards, discs and teh like
from PC desktops, but that course has now been cancelled as we know the vast majority of uses don;t
ever need to change the ethernet card or hard drive any more than the average car driver has to
change their engine or headlights or 'gas' tank.
Don't tell that to nospam.
>> >meanwhile, the rest of the world wants to do actual work, not open up
>> >their computer and swap parts all day long.

I should have labelled this 'Joke'.

>> I used to do that when I got bored. To add to the excitement I never
>> knew which drive did what and the behaviour on startup was quite a fun
>> lottery.

'End of Joke'.

>yes some PCs users foud it fun, but those that wanted the computers to actually do what they
purchased them for whether it was running word of photoshop find such thimngs a pain in the arse and
really don't want to do it.
>It;s like my grandparents they got food much cheaperr and for them it made more sense to go into
the garden grab the chicken ring it's neck pluck it  & cook it.
>How many peolpe do that today they pop into a supermarket and get a pre-killed pre-plucked chicken,
some go further as buy one al;ready in the bun, sure it;s more expensive but few opt for chasing
chickens around the garden when KFC and the like can serve you one ready to eat, after all peoplpe
mostly buy chicken to eat rathter than exercise or because they want to kill something.
>I think the same happened with computers and now it has migrated to phones, I bet most would rather
spend money on a batteru than manually use a generator to 'wind the phome up.
>Maybe you;d prefer a winding handle on your phomne raher than have to pay for a battery and
>> -- 
>> Regards,
>> Eric Stevens


Eric Stevens