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Subject: Re: On1 Photo RAW 2018 Final Release
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On Nov 10, 2017, Alfred Molon wrote
(in article<>):

> In article<>,
> Savageduck says...
> >
> > On1 Photo RAW 2018 Final Release Is here, and so far I am impressed. It is a
> > great improvement over previous On1 products. I believe that it is good
> > enough to be a viable Lightroom/Photoshop alternative for those looking for
> > one.All the usual familiar stuff, including nondestructive layers, and
> > Resize
> > are available, and there are plenty of tutorials available for learning the
> > finer points.
> >
> > For those continuing with an LR/PS workflow, On1 Photo RAW 2018 installs,
> > and
> > works as an LR&  PS plugin as it did in the past.
> >
> > Mac users also get an Apple Photos extension if they choose to go in that
> > direction.
> >
> > <>
> >
> > <>
> I gave it a try and wasn't impressed.

When did you give it a try?

> The JPEG engine is not good (poor
> detail and crispness) and it didn't apply the lens profile:

Strange. I have not had any issues editing/adjusting JPEGs with On1. Was this 
the only image you tested?

Did you check the Lens Correction panel to see if the Lens Profile was 

Whether or not On1 PR has the lens profiles for your particular Oly 
lens/camera I have no idea, all I can demonstrate is, they seem to have Nikon 
and Fujifilm lens/camera profiles onboard. Moreover, they are applied.


> ON1 is the top left one (top right is the our of camera JPEG).

To start with, why did you choose a problematic, badly shot/exposed JPEG?
I have a hard time believing that any software could do much for that shot. 
You have an f/4 ISO 200 1/8s shot with visible camera shake, and movement 
blur in the hands of the woman on the right. The CA/purple fringing is 
present in the SOOC JPEG, and you have made it worse in your adjusted 

How did you think you were going to get away with making that shot, with the 
indoor scene on the right, and the blown highlights through the glass door on 
the left?

Are the other three shots your examples of On1 PR adjustment?

If so, what did you do to screw things up so badly?

Why did you not test a RAW image file, or do you shoot JPEG only?