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In article<>, Eric Stevens<> wrote:

> >> >> They must be doing something right. They have twice the market share
> >> >> of Apple.
> >> >
> >> >market share doesn't matter and apple doesn't chase it anyway. 
> >> >
> >> >apple, with it's supposedly 'low market share', is on the verge of
> >> >becoming the first *trillion* dollar company, while hp, with 'twice the
> >> >market share of apple', is but a tiny fraction of apple, currently
> >> >about $35b.
> >> >
> >> >if anyone is doing something right, it's apple.
> >> 
> >> But it's not with desktop PCs.
> >
> >How have you worked that one out ?
> Sticking with subject of Dell vs Apple the data in the following link
> (previously deleted by nospam) explains why I made that remark.
> "They must be doing something right. They have twice the market share

once again, market share doesn't matter.

apple is about to become the first trillion dollar company, with it's
'tiny' market share. 

apple has enough cash to buy dell *and* hp.

you also might want to actually read the url *you* gave:

> <
> arket-as-windows-continues-to-cede-share-to-the-mac>"
  Apple continued to grow overall Mac marketshare during the March
  quarter as most leading Windows PC makers suffered significant
  setbacks, according to the latest research data from Gartner and IDC.
  Meanwhile, according to Gartner, Apple's worldwide shipments advanced
  1 percent year-over-year to 4.6 million during the quarter, giving it
  a 7.1 percent marketshare. HP by contrast saw units slide 9 percent,
  while Lenovo dropped 7.2 percent. Dell lost just 0.4 percent, but the
  only major PC maker to see growth was Asus, up 1.5 percent.