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In article<>, Eric Stevens<> wrote:

> >> >users are not interested in being able to open the computer. they want
> >> >to get actual work done.
> >> 
> >> Which is why they don't want to sit around while someone buggers about
> >> with small tools.
> >
> >instead, they bring it to a repair shop and drop it off.
> All of the high end commercially oriented Dell stuff can be fixed on
> the spot without needing any tools.

nobody cares whether the onsite service person needs tools or not. they
just want it fixed.

you're also ignoring the time for the person to actually show up.

not that it matters, since high end commercial sites will have backup
systems ready for immediate service, often automatically.

even midrange sites and many low end ones have backup systems available.

> For the people who don't have on-site on-call service they can be
> fixed within minutes at the service center. It's called cost
> effective.

as usual, you're ignoring the time to disconnect it, pack it up and
take it to the service center, wait for it to be fixed (even if it's
just a few minutes), drive back and reconnect everything.

of course, that only matters if it fails.

if it *doesn't* fail, then being able to fix it within minutes doesn't
make a difference.

put simply: dell *has* to offer fast repair because their products
*need* it.