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Subject: Cheap SD Cards
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Subject: Cheap SD Cards
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Sunday I did a quick sunset shoot. Out of 46 images, several had weird 
colors in unusual portions of the images. Magenta, purple and blue. The 
weird colors did not show up when being viewed in Windows explorer, but 
were evident in LR. The strange colors did not show up in Bridge, unless 
I opened the image in ACR. The weird colors were quite evident in the 
On1 browser and in Capture NXD. I must add that more weird colored 
images showed up when viewed in the On1 browser, than with any other 
method. My conclusion is that the corruption was caused by a bad card.
I am not interested in placing blame. I am interested in the problem not 
recurring. For the first time since I've been shooting digital, I used a 
card other than Lexar or Sandisk. Fortunately, those shots were just 
intended to be background sky shots, so i had no real loss. It is 
however the first time I have had files that were corrupted. I am 
writing this to blow off some steam, and remind others who may have been 
getting away with using cheap cards, that they have been lucky.