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On Nov 16, 2017, PeterN wrote
(in article<>):

> Sunday I did a quick sunset shoot. Out of 46 images, several had weird
> colors in unusual portions of the images.

That shouldn’t be a problem for you. weird colors in unusual portions of 
the images should be right in your wheelhouse. ;-)

> Magenta, purple and blue. The
> weird colors did not show up when being viewed in Windows explorer, but
> were evident in LR. The strange colors did not show up in Bridge, unless
> I opened the image in ACR. The weird colors were quite evident in the
> On1 browser and in Capture NXD. I must add that more weird colored
> images showed up when viewed in the On1 browser, than with any other
> method. My conclusion is that the corruption was caused by a bad card.
> I am not interested in placing blame. I am interested in the problem not
> recurring. For the first time since I've been shooting digital, I used a
> card other than Lexar or Sandisk. Fortunately, those shots were just
> intended to be background sky shots, so i had no real loss. It is
> however the first time I have had files that were corrupted. I am
> writing this to blow off some steam, and remind others who may have been
> getting away with using cheap cards, that they have been lucky.

Yup! I stick to Sandisk and Lexar, and in recent months with reports of 
corruption issues with Lexar CF &  SD cards, and reports that they are not 
doing well as a business, I am now only buying Sandisk cards.


I have not experienced any corruption issues with either brand, but with one 
Lexar 32GB 300MB/s SDHC UHS-II/U3 the lock slider was displaced on 
re-inserting it into my X-T2. That effectively turned it into a read only 
card which, after much trying, proved to be unrepairable. So that was a $65 
card down the tubes. I still have one more of those, and four Lexar 32GB 
150MB/s SDHC cards along with a whole bunch of Lexar CF cards.

All my other CF cards are Sandisk, and I have just bought 2 more Sandisk 
Extreme Pro 32GB 300MB/s SDHC UHS-II U3 cards.