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On Nov 17, 2017, Eric Stevens wrote
(in article<>):

> On Fri, 17 Nov 2017 18:59:35 -0800, Savageduck
> <savageduck1@{REMOVESPAM}>  wrote:
> --- snip ---
> > > > Also, because you have somewhat explained what you were doing with
> > > > multiple exposures, I suspect that this was just a slow card choking on what was
> > > > being fed it, and unable to clear the camera buffer. I have a feeling that if
> > > > you just used it to shoot a single exposure there might be no problem at all.
> > > > If you are going to use a high performance camera, you should use high
> > > > performance cards regardless of how tempting it might be to go the budget
> > > > card route.
> > >
> > > I agree with this - I doubt that card corruption or partial failure
> > > was the cause of the issue he had.
> >
> > I believe the first thing to establish is what the specs of the SD card are.
> >
> > Delkin produce good products including SD and CF cards. However, they
> > produce SD cards with a wide range of specs and prices, some are truly fast cards
> > with corresponding higher prices. Since Peter, in his subject line, and his
> > OP narative hinted that the SD card in question was “cheap”, I am
> > inclined to assume that this card has slow read/write specs. Hence the
> > corruption problems when faced with a high performance camera trying to
> > clear the buffer as fast as it can, into a card which can’t write fast enough.
> And through all of this discussion and theorising not one of the
> resident Nikon owners/users remember that In the back of (at least)
> most of their manuals Nikon specifies the minimum standard of common
> memory cards which will run with the particular camera. What does it
> say for the D800?

Beats me!

I don’t own a D800, as a matter of fact I don’t own any FF Nikon DSLR, 
and I have no idea if Peter RTFM, and he is the only Nikon user who counts in 
this discussion. So perhaps you could assist, and provide that snippet of 
information, or perhaps Peter will let us know if he has RTFM.