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On 11/17/2017 9:59 PM, Savageduck wrote:
> On Nov 17, 2017, Bill W wrote
> (in article<>):
>> On Fri, 17 Nov 2017 16:25:29 -0800, Savageduck
>> <savageduck1@{REMOVESPAM}>  wrote:
>>> On Nov 17, 2017, PeterN wrote
>>> (in article<>):
>>>> On 11/17/2017 11:56 AM, Savageduck wrote:
>>>>> On Nov 17, 2017, PeterN wrote
>>>>> (in article<>):
>>>>>> On 11/16/2017 10:50 PM, Savageduck wrote:
>>>>>>> On Nov 16, 2017, PeterN wrote
>>>>>>> (in article<>):
>>>>>>>> Sunday I did a quick sunset shoot. Out of 46 images, several had weird
>>>>>>>> colors in unusual portions of the images.
>>>>>>> That shouldn’t be a problem for you. weird colors in unusual portions
>>>>>>> of
>>>>>>> the images should be right in your wheelhouse. ;-)
>>>>>> Not like this:
>>>>>> <>
>>>>> Yup! That looks like a corrupt file issue. As to where that corruption is
>>>>> happening one can best surmise that it was the card. However, there can be
>>>>> all sorts of causes, mostly due to current, clearing the buffer, and
>>>>> writing
>>>>> issues. So it would be best to run a check with a known good performing
>>>>> card
>>>>> to eliminate possible issues with the camera.
>>>>> What was the brand of the card in question, what was its rating, and which
>>>>> camera were you using?
>>>> D800, and a Delkin Black. I complained to Delkin. They are sending me a
>>>> reader, and requested that I test the card with that reader. The shot
>>>> you see is a ten shot multiple exposure. I was testing to see how much
>>>> time was needed between shots, to get a similar effect to a long
>>>> exposure. despite the corruption, my conclusion is that it can be done.
>>>> In a calm bay it takes about 2.5 seconds between each shot, for a ten
>>>> shot exposure.
>>> What is a Delkin Black?
>>> Delkin Black is meaningless, all that tells us is who the manufacturer is.
>>> What is the actual read/write speed of the card?
>>> Also, because you have somewhat explained what you were doing with multiple
>>> exposures, I suspect that this was just a slow card choking on what was
>>> being
>>> fed it, and unable to clear the camera buffer. I have a feeling that if you
>>> just used it to shoot a single exposure there might be no problem at all. If
>>> you are going to use a high performance camera, you should use high
>>> performance cards regardless of how tempting it might be to go the budget
>>> card route.
>> I agree with this - I doubt that card corruption or partial failure
>> was the cause of the issue he had.
> I believe the first thing to establish is what the specs of the SD card are.
> Delkin produce good products including SD and CF cards. However, they produce
> SD cards with a wide range of specs and prices, some are truly fast cards
> with corresponding higher prices. Since Peter, in his subject line, and his
> OP narative hinted that the SD card in question was “cheap”, I am
> inclined to assume that this card has slow read/write specs. Hence the
> corruption problems when faced with a high performance camera trying to clear
> the buffer as fast as it can, into a card which can’t write fast enough.

The D800 is not a high speed camera, especially when using SD.
While I did not do the research myself, the information about SD being 
slower came from a Lexar engineer, who I met. When shooting at the 
highest speed SD is definitely slower than CF, on my D800. When I called 
Delkin, the seemed to think it was my reader that was causing the problem.