Subject: Re: "Pinhole S" on Kickstarter!
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Subject: Re: "Pinhole S" on Kickstarter!
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2017 14:33:29 -0500
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On 11/18/2017 2:11 PM, Ken Hart wrote:
> On 11/18/2017 12:42 PM, PeterN wrote:
>> On 11/17/2017 7:58 PM, RichA wrote:
> snip
>>> f/128 is the right diameter for a given sensor size, as I recall, but 
>>> that's a guess.  Precision pinholes cost money (consult a 
>>> professional optics house) and if they aren't precision, various 
>>> unwanted aberrations can creep in, notably, irregular diffraction.
>> The right diameter will vary with sensor size and the distance from 
>> the hole to the sensor. Irregular diffraction will occur if the hole 
>> is not round. Besides, some diffraction is part of the beauty of a 
>> soft focus pinhole.
> "the beauty of a soft focus pinhole."
> Isn't that why they make the Holga?

The Holga is a good camera for those who like to look of the images. 
there are also pinhole and stereo models. Since it is a film camera, 
unless you have a wet darkroom, and/or facility for processing film, the 
only choice is a digital pinhole. When I wanted to play with a pinhole, 
I went to a friend's basement, and he drilled a centered hole in a Nikon 
body cap. I haven't been playing with it in the last few years. I have 
been known to do other things on impulse, like buying a Lensbaby and 
using it about three times in the last five years.