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On 11/18/2017 8:18 PM, Mayayana wrote:
> "Alfred Molon"<> wrote
> | Photomatix Pro with five RAW images (0EV, +- 2EV, +-4EV);
> | "photographic" setting.
> |
> | The water of the waterfall and the sky on top are very bright, while the
> | shadow areas in the trees are very dark.
>    Somehow I don't get the feeling of the depth and
> atmosphere of the space. I think because it's slightly
> blurred and too saturated. But I sure would like to
> be there to spend a sunny afternoon sunning and
> swimming. :)

IMHO it is indeed a badly processed image. I suspect that the burning of 
the highlights, and lack of shadow detail,  are the result of either 
shooting in low quality JPEG, and/or bad processing. The over saturation 
and over-saturation and high luminescence  of the green, are clues to 
poor processing.

Having said that, I agree it might be a good place to chill out for a while.