From: Jim Wilkins <>
Subject: Re: US moon landing FAKED? Photo of astronaut's visor 'PROVES NASA staged Apollo 17 mission'
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From: "Jim Wilkins" <>
Subject: Re: US moon landing FAKED? Photo of astronauts visor PROVES NASA staged Apollo 17 mission
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2017 13:53:07 -0500
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"Michael A Terrell"<> wrote in message 
> David Fritz wrote:
>> A shock photo appears to show a man walking around the 'moon' 
>> without a
>> space suit during the US's Apollo 17 mission - adding more fuel to 
>> the
>> conspiracy that the whole thing was faked.
>> America has always claimed they put the first men on Earth's 
>> satellite
>> planet when NASA beamed live video footage of Neil Armstrong and 
>> Buzz
>> Aldrin supposedly taking their first steps there 48 years ago.
>> Doubters have always insisted that first mission was faked so the 
>> US could
>> claim victory in the Space Race over Russia at the height of the 
>> Cold War.
>> Now fresh images have emerged that suggest that the sixth and final
>> mission - Apollo 17 - some three years later was also faked.
>> The three man NASA crew - headed by Eugene Cerman - touched down on 
>> the
>> moon and walked its surface, the official report said.
>> But a close-up analysis of one supposed image from the famous 
>> expedition
>> that emerged this week suggests the whole enterprise was filmed on 
>> a
>> Hollywood movie set.
>> A video that zooms in on the reflection of one of the astronaut's 
>> visors
>> appears to show a man standing around in a "waistcoat", according 
>> to a
>> YouTuber user who posted the footage.
>    NASA used slow scan video for the Moon missions. It was scan 
> converted for broadcast, but it was low resolution. There is no way 
> for anyone to remove the artifacts from the low quality without 
> introducing others.
"India's first lunar mission has captured images of the landing site 
of the Apollo 15 craft, debunking theories that the US mission was a 
hoax, the country's state-run space agency said Wednesday."

"Our images also show tracks left behind by the lunar rovers which 
were used by the astronauts."

"US, Japanese and Russian scientists have previously found evidence of 
Apollo 15's landing site by studying photographs."

The real hoax is misrepresenting pre-flight training footage.