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On Nov 19, 2017, Alfred Molon wrote
(in article<>):

> In article<>,
> Savageduck says...
> > > It can merge to HDR multiple RAW images?
> >
> > Yup!
> Is it better than Photomatix?

HDR processing is a pretty subjective thing, and personally I have never been 
that fond of Photomatix, which I first started using many years ago. I have 
always found that one can easily overcook the tone mapping with Photomatix, 
but if that is the only tool you have, and you like that sort of thing it 
will do.

I have used many HDR tools over the years among them are Photomatix, NIK HDR 
Efex, HDR Express 3, Aurora HDR, Lightroom/ACR, and now On1, and a few other 
forgettables. Back then I prefered NIK HDR Efex over Photomatix, but now I 
get much better results from the newer offerings.

Aurora HDR is very good, and provides excellent results.

Of all of them, for a natural result, I would say that Lightroom/ACR does a 
great job without too many complications, and using a Lightroom/Photoshop 
workflow, it is the simplest for me to use.

I have only done a few test HDRs with On1 PR 2018, and I find the ease of 
use, and results to be very similar to Lightroom/ACR, and so far I am 
impressed with them.

Here is another example which has been particularly tough to work with due to 
the many moving people in the background. Photomatix and NIK HDR Efex 
couldn’t deal with the ghosting, Aurora, Lightroom/ACR, and now On1 PR 2018 
eliminate any ghosting artifacts, and alignment issues.



So to answer your question, yes I think it is better than Photomatix.