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From: RichA <rander3128@gmail.com>
Subject: Thread shows how DSLR's have fallen compared to mirrorless
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Subject: Thread shows how DSLRs have fallen compared to mirrorless
From: RichA <rander3128@gmail.com>
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Shooting with a DSLR, trying to manually focus with an OVF and controlling blur-inducing problems
caused by mirror-slap and the like is trying to say the least.  
Nikon's focus confirmation works pretty well, but not as well as using a magnified image in a
top-grade EVF.  40+mp on a DSLR might not be the smartest thing to go with if an equivalent
mirrorless is available and you want the sharpest image.  Of course, DSLR's still have the best
focusing for a moving subject and action, but then no action shot ever makes full use of top pixel
counts anyway. Put it another way, you just paid $3500 for a lens capable and built for resolution,
why sabotage it down to the level of a $400 lens?