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Subject: Re: HDR rainforest
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Subject: Re: HDR rainforest
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"EzekielTim"<> wrote

| >
| > I don't like it because I don't believe the colour of the leaves.

| Now that you mentioned it, they do seem a bit too green. I like it
| though.

 I think the idea was to present a discussion of HDR
possibilities. He implied that the first image is HDR
while later links are to non-HDR images. In theory the
HDR image is closer to what your eye actually sees and
alows for more detail with extreme mix of lighting
levels. In practice it doesn't seem to work so well. :)

  On the other hand, it's hard to imagine a medium
that could do justice to the theory. We're looking
at the whole thing reduced to a 24-bit bitmap
displayed on a monitor. The result is garish and
inaccurate. But who knows whether the actual
HDR creation was?