From: Dimitris Tzortzakakis <>
Subject: Re: Fake SD cards
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From: Dimitris Tzortzakakis <>
Subject: Re: Fake SD cards
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2017 16:01:12 +0200
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Στις 21/11/2017 3:32 μμ, ο Whisky-dave έγραψε:
>   On the BBC last night Fake Britain (at the end)  they were talking about a large number of fake
SD cards these ones had sandisk labeled and the hologram didn't look right.  On investigation it was
found that the 64GB sold were actually 16GB but had been hacked so they reported a capacity of 64GB
but on using them the files either overwrote themselves or didn't right at all.
> One method that was used to test the files was just duplicating an image on them multiple times,
some images had missing data or corruption while others didn't appear at all.
> So it might be worth doing this to chack any new cards brought just in case.
> They didn't give much info on what they did so it wasn't exactly an in depth study and the card
that was brought wasn't the cheapest 64GB either so you can;t always go by price.
> [OT]
> also an bit on fake xenon car headlamps with phillips and osram labels that could just die on you
and another started to overheat and started smoking after a few mins.
>   Not that I'm likely to buy any of those, but SD cards...
Of course, the fake headlamps are much more dangerous than the SD cards, 
not if you're a pro, though, and your living depends on them...I learned 
that there are even fake 1TB drives, they have a normal 1TB casing, and 
inside there are some heavy bolts, and a very small and cheap 
thumpdrive!Everything works ok for the first few MBs, and then nothing! 
Also in many reputable manufacturers the quality of many parts has 
fallen dramatically. A client of mine had a Miele microwave oven, that 
was a wedding present, and cost 450 euros, and upon opening it 
everything was made in China!The PCB, the magnetronm the 
transformer!While Miele was a company that had a reputation for good 
quality, robust parts all made in Germany!(For people not familiar to this, almost all household appliances 
outsource for most of the parts as it's impossible to set a factory for 
every part, at least in Europe. I don't know 
what happens in the states, though).And I realized that it had a major manufacturing error, 
if you tried to press the button that opened the door, while the door 
was already open , the lock jammed, and to ujamm it you had to 
practically overhaul the oven! And the Miele washing machine we had, had 
another yet manufacturing error, the door didn't seal completely, the 
soap water escaped, shorted out a switch, and the machine wouldn't 
start!And that needed replacing every year!Finally we trashed it and 
bought a Pitsos, with all the features and only 360 euros!Another yet 
client of mine had a Neff oven, for which the blow motor was chinese!and 
after only a couple of years, it seized, so it needed replacing, at 
least the (generic) spare part was italian!and goes without saying that 
to save manufacturing costs, none of the screws were stainless stell so 
they all had rosted through...

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