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Subject: Re: Fake SD cards
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Subject: Re: Fake SD cards
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On 2017-11-21 08:32, Whisky-dave wrote:
>   On the BBC last night Fake Britain (at the end)  they were talking about a large number of fake
SD cards these ones had sandisk labeled and the hologram didn't look right.  On investigation it was
found that the 64GB sold were actually 16GB but had been hacked so they reported a capacity of 64GB
but on using them the files either overwrote themselves or didn't right at all.
> One method that was used to test the files was just duplicating an image on them multiple times,
some images had missing data or corruption while others didn't appear at all.

That's an interesting hack and something to look out for.  I recently 
bought two sets of 128 GB SandDisk SD micro cards (and they're fine) but 
this is yet another "nit" to be aware of.

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