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On Nov 25, 2017, John Turco wrote
(in article <ovd0t1$ep9$>):

> To my knowledge, no cameras (digital or otherwise) are currently made in
> the USA. Does anybody think that situation will change, anytime soon?
> (Or, in the more distant future?)

Nope! The currently manufactured in the USA camera is found less in the wild 
than Sasquatch. Howevever, I believe the one piece of USA produced camera 
accessory is the USA division (of whichever camera manufacturer) warranty.

Consider that the Dutch own the whithered remains of Polaroid, Kodak had the 
plug pulled from the steam engine providing pseudo life support. It is 
rumored that Argus lives on in a nightmare of the living dead somewhere in 
Illinois. Graflex was bought by Singer, and all its tooling assets sold off 
to some inscrutable Japanese corporation, which was crushed by the dead 
weight of their new acquisition.

....but fear not. In the wilds of Irvine, California you will find “Red 
Digital Cinema Camera Company”, and they certainly have the potential to 
produce a purely photographic stills camera, if they ever wanted to go down 
that road.