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Subject: Re: Why should I say "Cheese"?
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Subject: Re: Why should I say "Cheese"?
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On Mon, 27 Nov 2017 06:01:44 -0800, Savageduck
<savageduck1@{REMOVESPAM}> wrote:

>On Nov 27, 2017, Whisky-dave wrote
>(in article<>):
>> We're not sure when or where a photographer first asked his or her subjects
>> to state the name of the delicious dairy product, but we do know that when
>> you say "cheese," the corners of your mouth turn up, your cheeks lift and
>> your teeth show. It looks like a smile, and since smiling is what we do in
>> pictures, the instruction seems pretty practical.
>> I wonder how this works in other languages .
>> I'll ask some foreigners I know.
>All you have to do is try a few tests:
>French fromage, nope, even if you get specific with Camembert.
>German k