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From: Alfred Molon <alfred_molon@yahoo.com>
Subject: 4K screens RGB vs RGBW
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From: Alfred Molon <alfred_molon@yahoo.com>
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Subject: 4K screens RGB vs RGBW
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I was checking a new notebook (the ASUS VivoBook Pro 15 N580VD). Looks 
interesting, especially because the price is not so high compared to 
other notebook PCs in the same class (core i7 7700HQ, 512GB SSD+1TB HDD, 
16GB RAM, 15" UHD screen, fast graphics card etc). 

But the 4K screen seems to be only RGBW and not RGB, which according to 
a review degrades a bit the image shown on the screen. Does anybody know 
more about this RGB vs RGBW issue?

Alfred Molon

Olympus E-series DSLRs and micro 4/3 forum at
http://myolympus.org/ photo sharing site