From: Alfred Molon <>
Subject: Re: 4K screens RGB vs RGBW
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Subject: Re: 4K screens RGB vs RGBW
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In article<>, Alan Browne 
> On 2017-11-27 16:46, Alfred Molon wrote:
> > I was checking a new notebook (the ASUS VivoBook Pro 15 N580VD). Looks
> > interesting, especially because the price is not so high compared to
> > other notebook PCs in the same class (core i7 7700HQ, 512GB SSD+1TB HDD,
> > 16GB RAM, 15" UHD screen, fast graphics card etc).
> > 
> > But the 4K screen seems to be only RGBW and not RGB, which according to
> > a review degrades a bit the image shown on the screen. Does anybody know
> > more about this RGB vs RGBW issue?
>  From a cursory review it does indeed seem such displays (RGBW) are not 
> as good as pure RGB in terms of colour reproduction.  They may be a bit 
> better in brightness.  They are cheaper to make.
> This does not seem like a machine a photographer w/should use.  OTOH, if 
> you go look at one in appropriate lighting conditions and find it 
> acceptable, then that may be sufficient for you.

This notebook was ticking all the boxes, until I read about the RGBW 
issue with the screen.

Which other 15" notebook has a decent 4K screen for image editing?

I would need a machine as fast as possible (which in practice means an 
i7 7700HQ or similar processor and a fast graphics card), 16GB RAM or 
more, M.2 SSD and HDD for space.
Alfred Molon

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