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From: Tony Cooper <tonycooper214@gmail.com>
Subject: OT: Photoshopping school photos
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From: Tony Cooper <tonycooper214@gmail.com>
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Subject: OT: Photoshopping school photos
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2017 19:40:04 -0500
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Those of us who live in the US are familiar with "school picture day".
Once a year, primary, middle, and high school students have their
photographs taken.  The photos are used in the yearbook (if the school
publishes one) and prints are available to purchased.

In my day, the students were hustled through the procedure and the
resulting photo was actually a photograph of the student.  

Today, school photographers offer editing-at-a-cost.  The local
photographer charges $20 to whiten teeth, whiten the whites of the
eyes, and remove minor blemishes.  Other, more extensive services are
available.  If all the services are taken, the amount could be as much
as $240.  That might include taking braces off, restoring missing
teeth, removal of tan lines, adjustments to the hair, etc.

I've used "Photoshopping" in the Subject line, but some other software
may be used.  Adobe, of course, discourages the use of the word
"Photoshopping", and - of course - using it as a generic term for
editing a photograph with software.  If they're reading, I apologize.
Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida