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Subject: Re: Photoshopping school photos
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On Thursday, 30 November 2017 15:06:31 UTC, Mayayana  wrote:
> "PeterN" <"peter,newdelete"> wrote
> | Event and portrait photographers have been fixing blemishes for years.
> | In the digital age a lot of people tend to regard photographers as a
> | commodity, and not as craftsman and artists. Photographers are entitled
> | to make an honest living. They need to eat, as do all of us. If fixing
> | images of teeth helps them do so, I think that's great.
>   Sure. Though I was not aware that such things
> were being done at the level of school photos.

Me niether, but then again school photos have always felt like a bit of a con.
Why do we need these group photos, if the school wants them then let the school pay for them,
especailly if they want every students blemishes removed.

That's how michael jackson started wasn't it, a bit more brightness and a bit less contrast  ;-)
To me it seems wrong that anyone has to pay for photos they don't want manupulated or not.

>    I was only pointing out that this seems to be
> neither the realm of the photographer nor of the
> graphic artist. Like "fixing redeye", it's become a
> one-click operation. I imagine publishing companies
> probably have very advanced stuff to do it, so
> that only one click give a movie star hips,
> bright blue eyes, and air-brushed skin, while
> thinning her chin to "feminize", maybe reshaping
> her nose, etc. The program I got for free with PSP
> claims to do most of that. I can hardly imagine
> what Cosmo must use.