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Subject: Re: CF cards apparently not dead yet
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Subject: Re: CF cards apparently not dead yet
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In article<>, Tony Cooper<> wrote:

> >> So we have two people with anecdotal versions.  One says he's not
> >> concerned with the amount of time it takes to upload photos from a
> >> card, and the other is concerned that it takes 15 minutes to upload
> >> his videos.
> >
> >since the transfer is local, it's called copying.
> The process is called many things...upload, download, import, copy,
> transfer, etc. 

some of which are incorrect.

> Adobe uses two terms on this page:
> The top line says "import photos" and #2 says to "Click Download
> Images".

download is incorrect, although it's sometimes used for

> SanDisk uses "transfer" and "transfer speed":

transfer is equivalent to copy.

they didn't say upload or download.

> r-speed
> The different card readers that came up in a search also use
> "Transfer".
> In Lightroom, the word "Copy" is used. but they also use "import" when
> they say refer to getting images from a card to Lightroom.

importing is much more than a simple copy.

> ow.html
> I agree that "upload" or "download" are the least applicable terms,

not only least applicable, but wrong.

> but you can't say that "it's called copying" as if it's the *right*
> term because "copy" is used less than "transfer" any of the other
> terms including "upload" and "download" by the general user.

i never said copy was the *only* term, and it's used *far* more often
than transfer.

a common (yet inefficient) way to copy a file in windows is choose copy
from the edit menu (or ctrl-c). not transfer.

move is another, although move means deleting the originals.

import is specific to asset managers, since it's a lot more than just

the point is that upload and download are incorrect.

> I like precise use of the correct words in any situation, but there is
> no precise term in this case.   The *function* is a copy function
> since the files remain on the original medium and are replicated in a
> new location, but the term "copy" has not achieved any standard
> status.

copying does not mean deleting the original.

if the original is deleted after a copy, it's a move.

> >upload or download would be when it involves a remote system (i.e., the
> >cloud), which it does not.
> >
> For that matter, an upload or a download is also a copy function.  The
> uploaded or downloaded files are replicated in another location, but
> we don't use "copy" to describe uploading or downloading.  

sometimes copy is used in that context and may be acceptable. 

examples: copy to the cloud. copy to the server. 

> "Transfer" - a widely used term - is sorta incorrect since the files
> are not transferred from one place to another.  

yes they most certainly are transferred.

once again, you're *well* out of your league.