From: Carlos E.R. <robin_listas@es.invalid>
Subject: Re: Why should I say "Cheese"?
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From: "Carlos E.R." <robin_listas@es.invalid>
Subject: Re: Why should I say "Cheese"?
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On 2017-11-27 14:22, Whisky-dave wrote:
> On Monday, 27 November 2017 08:13:44 UTC, anon...@internet.none  wrote:
>> Why should I say "Cheese"?
>> Ever since I was born in the 1950's I have been told to say "cheese"
>> whenever someone wants to take my picture. 
>> WHY?


> We're not sure when or where a photographer first asked his or her subjects to state the name of
the delicious dairy product, but we do know that when you say "cheese," the corners of your mouth
turn up, your cheeks lift and your teeth show. It looks like a smile, and since smiling is what we
do in pictures, the instruction seems pretty practical.
> I wonder how this works in other languages .
> I'll ask some foreigners I know.

It is "patata" over here :-)

Some say "whisky".

Cheers, Carlos.