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Subject: Re: CF cards apparently not dead yet
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Subject: Re: CF cards apparently not dead yet
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In article<>, Tony Cooper<> wrote:

> >
> >> Anyone who writes, as you did,  "move is another, although move means
> >> deleting the originals" should never accuse anyone else of being over
> >> their head in a topic.
> >
> >that's *exactly* what move means. 
> If you had ever demonstrated a sense of humor here before, I would
> think you are joking.  But, you're not.
> Moving a file does not delete anything.  It merely relocates the file.


move a file from volume to another volume and the file will be copied,
then the original deleted, resulting in one instance of the file.

copy a file from volume to another volume and the file will be copied,
with the original left where it is, resulting in two instances of the

the same applies to move/copy other objects, such as blocks of text,
blobs of data, database objects, etc. 

it may be possible to optimize a move, such as when both files are on
the same file system (what you're erroneously calling relocating), but
that's not required nor is it guaranteed to work that way in every
case. no matter the implementation, the same result is obtained, just
one might be faster or slower than another. 

it's also possible, depending on the file system, that a copy doesn't
actually copy anything, but rather just adds another entry in the
directory, resulting in a copy operation that is effectively instant,
no matter how large the file may be. both copies point to the same
blocks on the volume.

you also incorrectly claimed that lightroom import is a copy operation.
it is not. importing in lightroom adds information to its internal
database, however, as part of the import process, photos *might* be
copied, moved or left untouched, depending on the location of the
photos at the time the import is done and whether the user chose
managed or referenced assets.

> >you're *well* over your head and sinking *fast*.


> >as with the dcc thread, you refuse to admit you haven't a clue or show
> >any interest in learning something.
> Thanks for reminding me.  My Forte Agent account has to be renewed
> this month.  As usual, I will pay with PayPal and let them convert the
> 10 Euro cost to US$.  As I said, a simple and convenient way to do
> this.

not only are you still not getting it, but you *still* refuse to admit
you don't understand it.