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Subject: Re: CF cards apparently not dead yet
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Subject: Re: CF cards apparently not dead yet
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In article<>, Tony Cooper<> wrote:

> >> >
> >> >> Anyone who writes, as you did,  "move is another, although move means
> >> >> deleting the originals" should never accuse anyone else of being over
> >> >> their head in a topic.
> >> >
> >> >that's *exactly* what move means. 
> >> 
> >> If you had ever demonstrated a sense of humor here before, I would
> >> think you are joking.  But, you're not.
> >> 
> >> Moving a file does not delete anything.  It merely relocates the file.
> >
> >nope.
> >
> >move a file from volume to another volume and the file will be copied,
> >then the original deleted,
> Nonsense.  The original is moved.  Nothing is deleted.


read what i wrote, and the parts you snipped in an lame effort to twist

> >resulting in one instance of the file.
> Of course.  The one instance is the original in the new location.
> Remember the example of the apple being moved from one hand to the
> other.  It's still the original apple.

you *still* don't get it.

> You are confusing the "original location" with the "original file".

i'm not the least bit confused. 

> The moved file is the same as it was in the prior location.  It
> remains the original.

not necessarily.