From: Carlos E.R. <robin_listas@es.invalid>
Subject: Re: Why should I say "Cheese"?
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Subject: Re: Why should I say "Cheese"?
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On 2017-12-05 11:20, Whisky-dave wrote:
> On Monday, 4 December 2017 21:28:08 UTC, peterN  wrote:
>> On 12/4/2017 6:44 AM, Whisky-dave wrote:
>>> On Friday, 1 December 2017 16:25:04 UTC, peterN  wrote:
>> <snip>
>>>> Some people like to look at their old school photos, for many reasons.
>>>> And, no one forces you to buy the school photo.
>>> They did at my school my parents HAD to buy the photos and you could buy more if you wanted but
there was no choice in whether or not you could buy the photos.
>> In many jurisdictions that would be illegal.
> I've no idea what you mean by a jurisdiction.

A vast land area, like a country or state or province or nation, where a
determined set of laws apply, and not others that apply on other lands.



«Jurisdiction (from the Latin ius, iuris meaning "law" and dicere
meaning "to speak") is the practical authority granted to a legal body
to administer justice within a defined field of responsibility, e.g.,
Michigan tax law. In federations like the U.S., areas of jurisdiction
apply to local, state, and federal levels; e.g. the court has
jurisdiction to apply federal law.

Colloquially it is used to refer to the geographical area to which such
authority applies, e.g. the court has jurisdiction over all of Colorado.
The legal term refers only to the granted authority, not to a
geographical area.»

Cheers, Carlos.