Subject: Re: B&H is sharing your data! Sharing your DATA!!!
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From: peter <>
Subject: Re: B&H is sharing your data! Sharing your DATA!!!
Date: 7 Dec 2017 17:24:46 GMT
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Savageduck <savageduck1@{REMOVESPAM}> wrote:
> On Dec 7, 2017, peter wrote
> (in article<>):
> <<Snip>>
>> Read the Fair Credit Billing Act, and the Restore Online Shoppers
>> Confidence Act.
>> IIRC there are violations galore. I must add that Amazon has not misused my
>> information. That doesn’t mean other companies haven’t.
>> Some reputable companies, such as B&H, do not store credit card
>> information.
> That is not quite true. Both Amazon and B&H retain credit card information if 
> you authorize them to do so.
> B&H has three of my cards on file and I can select any one of them for a 
> specific purchase, or I can split the charge between any combination of 
> cards.
> Neither Amazon, or B&H have misused my information, and that reminds me, I 
> have some spending to do.

I thought as you stated. I ordered something from them on Monday. The rep
said they did not have that information. I don’t consider that to be a big