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Subject: Re: B&H is sharing your data! Sharing your DATA!!!
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From: nospam <nospam@nospam.invalid>
Subject: Re: B&H is sharing your data! Sharing your DATA!!!
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2017 16:15:13 -0500
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In article<>, Bill W<> wrote:

> >> 
> >> As someone who has had the same card compromised 4 times in the last
> >> couple of years, I wish everyone would use it. It's tiresome updating
> >> the info for the replacement cards when it's the same account after
> >> all. 
> >
> >it's more tiresome dealing with a compromised card.
> >
> >start using apple pay, and you'll only need to worry about inside leaks.
> I'm sure it's the same with Android Pay,

close, but not quite. android pay is slightly less secure than apple

with both, the merchant doesn't get your actual card number, so even if
their systems are hacked, your card won't be.

> but far too few places use it
> around here. It's ridiculous. I can't even threaten to take my
> business elsewhere because elsewhere doesn't have it either. 

around here, it's nearly everywhere, with restaurants being the big
exception (mostly a cultural issue, not a technical one). some places
say they don't support it, but they do.