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Subject: Addition to my Photo Kit.
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When I made my move to Fujifilm with the X-E2 one of my goals was to reduce 
weight without sacrificing IQ. To that end I was successful. However, when I 
bought my X-T2 with the 24MB X-Trans III sensor, and added the 
battery/booster grip to get the full potential of the X-T2 much of the weight 
saving benefit was negated. The fully configured X-T2 feels much like my 
D300S+grip.I certainly cannot claim that it is lightweight, smaller than a 
DSLR+grip, but not much lighter.

While I could remove the battery/booster grip for those walk-around moments 
that is not the most convenient solution. I have been using my X-E2 as that 
light weight, compact for those occasions, and as a spare body. Unfortunately 
the X-E2 does not make an ideal pairing with the X-T2 as they have different 
sensors, and CPUs. So I have just bought a new X-E3 with the 24MP X-Trans 
III. It arrived on Wednesday, and I have been enjoying my new acquisition. It 
is actually smaller and lighter than the X-E2. It makes the perfect 
lightweight, second body companion to my X-T2. Paired with the XF23mm f/2.0, 
or the XF35mm f/1.4 it is a great walk-around/street set up. IQ is identical 
to the X-T2. I am not a fan of the Touch screen so for most functions I have 
the Touch screen feature turned off, and use the ‘joystick’ for stuff 
like moving focus points.

It is so small that, though they perform well, some lenses, such as the 
XF16mm f/1.4 just look silly on that small body, and in other than 
exceptional situations will be used exclusively on the X-T2.