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Subject: Re: Addition to my Photo Kit.
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Subject: Re: Addition to my Photo Kit.
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On Dec 16, 2017, Alfred Molon wrote
(in article<>):

> In article<>,
> Savageduck says...
> > That said, I can see times when it will be beneficial to have two bodies
> > with
> > the same sensor, and CPU, mounted with different lenses. For now I will
> > segregate their usage depending on my needs.
> What kind of photography do you do mostly?


myphotography is pretty eclectic covering most subjects including, but not 
limited to landscape, street, architecture, candid, travel, airshow, 
autoshow, motor sport, some sporting events, wildlife, personal portraiture, 
all from a hobbyist perspective, mostly anything that opportunity presents 
me. I am contemplating adding some macro, and IR to that list, all of it is 
something to keep me occupied in my retired old fartdom.