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Subject: Re: Addition to my Photo Kit.
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Subject: Re: Addition to my Photo Kit.
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On 16/12/2017 01:19, Savageduck wrote:
> When I made my move to Fujifilm with the X-E2 one of my goals was to reduce
> weight without sacrificing IQ. To that end I was successful. However, when I
> bought my X-T2 with the 24MB X-Trans III sensor, and added the
> battery/booster grip to get the full potential of the X-T2 much of the weight
> saving benefit was negated. The fully configured X-T2 feels much like my
> D300S+grip.I certainly cannot claim that it is lightweight, smaller than a
> DSLR+grip, but not much lighter.
> While I could remove the battery/booster grip for those walk-around moments
> that is not the most convenient solution. I have been using my X-E2 as that
> light weight, compact for those occasions, and as a spare body. Unfortunately
> the X-E2 does not make an ideal pairing with the X-T2 as they have different
> sensors, and CPUs. So I have just bought a new X-E3 with the 24MP X-Trans
> III. It arrived on Wednesday, and I have been enjoying my new acquisition. It
> is actually smaller and lighter than the X-E2. It makes the perfect
> lightweight, second body companion to my X-T2. Paired with the XF23mm f/2.0,
> or the XF35mm f/1.4 it is a great walk-around/street set up. IQ is identical
> to the X-T2. I am not a fan of the Touch screen so for most functions I have
> the Touch screen feature turned off, and use the ‘joystick’ for stuff
> like moving focus points.
> It is so small that, though they perform well, some lenses, such as the
> XF16mm f/1.4 just look silly on that small body, and in other than
> exceptional situations will be used exclusively on the X-T2.
> <
Nice clean retro look too. I always liked the look of the X-100.