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Subject: Jesus Christ was a Nigger
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Subject: Jesus Christ was a Nigger
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Jesus Christ was a Nigger. If you dont believe this, consider these

Jesus ate fried chicken and watermellow almost daily.
Jesus listened to Rap music
Jesus was a slave
Jesus picked cotton for a living (if his master whipped him)
Jesus had his picture on a box of pancake mix, next to aunt Jemima
Jesus had an IQ less than 50
Jesus was a pimp after dark
Jesus wore a gold chain around his neck with a large dollar sign on it
Jesus sold stolen watches on street corners
Jesus wore a trenchcoat
Jesus did not know what the word "work" means
Jesus was on Welfare
Jesus drove a rusty old stolen Cadillac with huge speakers in the trunk
Jesus only did it with White Women
Jesus called hiw mama "Ho"
Jesus robbed stores and homes
Jesus used the word "motherfucker" in every sentence
Jesus carried a large gun, and knives
Jesus was a prime target of the Ku Klux Klan.
Jesus had no morals
Jesus hated white people
Jesus had crosses burned on his lawn
Jesus spoke Jive Ebonics
Jesus lived in the ghetto with lots of cockroaches
Jesus spent most of his time sitting on his porch (like a monkey)
Jesus could not count higher than number five
Jesus had 16 wives
Jesus had 93 children (that he knew about)
Jesus looked like an Ape
Jesus had a big Cock
Jesus had lips twenty times bigger than his brain
Jesus could suck a whole banana up each nostril at the same time
Jesus smelled worse than a mud covered pig
Jesus had an afro hairdo
Jesus had a flock of homies for body guards
Jesus was an ASSHOLE.