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Subject: Re: Quandry - keep old camera?
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On Dec 19, 2017, Paul Carmichael wrote
(in article<>):

> On 19/12/17 15:55, Paul Carmichael wrote:
> >
> > r-gran-angular.html
> Except if you add canon mount it rises to 525 euros.
> Anyone here know if there's any difference between that and this:
> ?

After your last experience buying your new camera, I would be wary of what 
those Spanish site tell you.

To start with those are over priced for Samyang lenses. The Canon mount 
Samyang 14mm UW f/2.8 IF UD UMC is available at B&H for $279. The Foto24 site 
is showing the correct lens at $51 more than it should be.

Samyang also have a much more expensive, slightly faster XP 14mm f/2.4, still 
manual-focus for $999.

The Samyang AF 14mm f/2.8 FE is not a Canon mount. It is an auto-focus lens 
for the Sony E-mount and that sells at B&H for $699.

It looks as though that Spanish Amazon site is trying to screw you by showing 
a picture of the correct lens, but with the wrong model number. My Spanish is 
nonexistant, so I am not sure what they are claiming.

There are no Canon mount Samyang auto-focus lenses, so if you see the AF 
prefix it will not fit your camera. All the Canon mount Samyang lenses are 
all manual.

Go to the Samyang site and see for yourself.