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Subject: Re: Adobe Stock Images pays photo $0.18 for using his photo
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Subject: Re: Adobe Stock Images pays photo $0.18 for using his photo
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On Dec 20, 2017, Mayayana wrote
(in article <p1dv0l$1cnf$>):

> "PeterN"<"peter,newdelete">  wrote
> > It's all a matter of personal preference and use. Although I am strictly
> > an amateur, I find myself using the newer features. Although I am not
> > certain when each new feature came out, I find myself using and poking
> > around with liquefy, defog, distort, color selection improvement, etc.
> > Not everybody does, but that is their choice. I know I can get some of
> > the effects cheaper, but how I chose to spend my money is only my concern.
> That's the first time I've seen anyone actually say, specifically, what they found worthwhile in
> buying new versions of software. I've never heard of liquefy and defog. I'll have to look
> those up.

Those are just two features that some folks use daily, there are many others 
that have been added to both Photoshop and Lightroom over the years:

Radial Filter, Focus stacking, Exposure stacking(not HDR), inprovements to 
making selections, new &  improved noise reduction algorithms, new&  improved 
sharpening algorithms, lens profile refinements, improved perspective 
correction tools, and much more, including application integrated features 
directly related to Adobe’s Creative Cloud services. Add to that continuing 
training to demonstrate how to use new features in one’s workflow.
> I used to do some things like 3-D borders or customizing text logos with "wind", various
> outlines, etc. I certainly don't see any reason not to have fun with those. But I do wonder how
> many people are actually using new features and how many simply assume, without thinking,
> that they'll need the very latest version of Adobe's most expensive product in order to do
> the job right.
> Eric implied that in his post -- that he thought he had to keep buying updates for a software
> product to continue being useful. I see that as a bill of goods that's been sold to the public in
> to maintain corporate viability: Once a giant company has been established to maintain a successful
> product like Photoshop, they're under a great deal of pressure to produce must-have updates on a
> regular basis. Without them the company folds.

With the subscription model new features, improvements, and upgrades are now 
seamlessly, and continuously applied. I am happy to pay that $9.99/month for 
Photoshop, Lightroom, 20 GB of cloud storage, and integration of free mobile 
applications to my desktop.