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On 12/20/2017 12:16 AM, Savageduck wrote:
> On Dec 19, 2017, PeterN wrote


>> I don't consider calling someone an Appleseed if a derogatory term. I
>> have some personal friends who I call Appleseeds, regularly. Yet some
>> got very insulted when I mentioned I called Apple Support, instead of
>> them. Also in my capacity as a stockholder, I love Appleseeds. They have
>> made me and my daughters, a lot of money.
> Intent on the part of the user of the term, and how it is received by the
> individual addressed are going to be the determining factors as to whether,
> or not the usage is derogatory.When I see Appleseed used, my first thought is
> that it is intended to be derogatory, and provocative.
> Appleseed is not a term used by users of Apple products to describe
> themselves. It is a term used by non-Apple users to label Apple users. While
> you might not have intended your usage to be derogatory, you have used it to
> segregate/differentiate yourself from Apple users, and to establish your
> standing as somebody who uses a different OS (...and I know you own and use
> an iphone).If I were you I would stop calling your friends Appleseeds
> regardless of how good APPL has been for you.
> In the case of Mayayana, and his anti-Apple bias, his usage of Appleseed is
> undoubtably, and intentionally derogatory. He has a similar anti-Adobe bias.

I don't see why, in the context of a group such as this someone would be 
insulted when the term Appleseed is used to refer to the fact that they 
are evangelists for a product, to the point where they do not accept the 
benefits of other products.
Several years ago I bought a laptop, because it had the features I 
wanted. The price was less then an laptop similarly equipped. Because 
the Apple had a glossy screen, I eliminated it, as it did not meet my 
needs. Someone here went so far as to tell me the people at the Apple 
store did not know what they were talking about. In the five or six 
years I have had it, my only additional expense was a new battery, and I 
added some memory, for a nominal sum.
Actually I will add one category to the term Appleseed. In this use it 
is the equivalent of calling them stupid. I have a friend who signed up 
for early delivery of the iPhone x, and ordered several of them. He kept 
one for himself, and sold the others at a profit. I call the ones who 
paid more than list stupid, unless they had urgent need for a new phone.