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In article<>, PeterN
<"peter,newdelete"> wrote:

> >>>> Actually I will add one category to the term Appleseed. In this use it
> >>>> is the equivalent of calling them stupid. I have a friend who signed up
> >>>> for early delivery of the iPhone x, and ordered several of them. He kept
> >>>> one for himself, and sold the others at a profit. I call the ones who
> >>>> paid more than list stupid, unless they had urgent need for a new phone.
> >>>
> >>> that happens with any product which is in limited supply, but the
> >>> haters always try to make it look like it's just apple users.
> >>>
> >>> <
> >>> ger/>
> >>>     A quick search on eBay shows NES Classic Editions selling for between
> >>>     $65 and a whopping $1,225. The listings for sub-$100 are, of course,
> >>>     moving fast.
> >>>
> >>> <
> >>> soles-sold-out-already-selling-for-over-500-on-ebay/>
> >>>     ... Wii Us are already selling for over $500 on the
> >>>     site. There were well over 2,500 consoles listed on the world's
> >>>     largest auction site just hours after it went on sale on November 18
> >>>
> >>> it's also not just electronics:
> >>> <>
> >>>     Indeed, per the online commerce site, miniscule 0.5 ML packets of
> >>>     Szechuan sauce are going for anywhere from $60 to ? you may want to
> >>>     sit down for this ? $700. (One listing even goes to $1,000.) And some
> >>
> >> No difference. Thea is a big difference between an needed iPhone, and
> >> certain toys.
> > 
> > first you say no difference, then you say there is a big difference.
> > 
> > make up your mind.
> Do learn how to read.

i did, long ago. thanks for checking though.

> >> You diversion doesn't work.
> > 
> > it's not a diversion.
> The readers can determine that for themselves.

and they'll immediately conclude that you're arguing just to argue, as

> > there are many, many more examples.
> > 
> > concert tickets, super bowl tickets, theatre tickets, etc., are often
> > resold for much higher than face value.
> > 
> > supply and demand.
> For your reading convenience I will repeat my short comment.
> " I call the ones who paid more than list stupid, UNLESS THEY HAD AN 
> URGENT NEED FOR A NE PHONE" (Emphasis supplied.)"

maybe they had such a need and maybe they didn't. it's *their* money
and *they* get to decide how to spend it. not you.

you're also not in a position to know why they chose to pay a premium,
nor is it any of your business either.

as i said, supply and demand. if people want to pay more than apple's
asking price, then apple's price is too *low*. apple can't make them
fast enough.

> When I had to rush my daughter to the hospital, I did not care about 
> speeding.

you should have called an ambulance rather than risk a collision. 

you've mentioned on several occasions that you've already had more than
one crash on your record, which means you're not a very good driver.

> If I have to get to a location, and the cost is justified, I will go the 
> fastest way.
> I have never overpaid for a concert ticket in my life. Unless it was for 
> a charitable cause I believed in.)
> You might overpay for a concert ticket, I think it's stupid.
> Just as tonight I am meeting some friends. If my car gives me a problem, 
> I would take care of the car. It's commonly called putting things in 
> perspective. My friends will understand. If they didn't they would be 
> acquaintances, not friends.

if only *you* would put things into perspective.