From: Eric Stevens <>
Subject: Re: Adobe Stock Images pays photo $0.18 for using his photo
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From: Eric Stevens <>
Subject: Re: Adobe Stock Images pays photo $0.18 for using his photo
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On Tue, 19 Dec 2017 21:16:06 -0800, Savageduck
<savageduck1@{REMOVESPAM}> wrote:

>On Dec 19, 2017, PeterN wrote
>(in article<>):
>> On 12/19/2017 11:45 AM, nospam wrote:
>> > In article<p1b4qj$17kh$>, Mayayana
>> ><mayayana@invalid.nospam>  wrote:
>> >
>> > >
>> > > Being mean to people is not a game. It's just being
>> > > mean. You demean yourself and coarsen your own
>> > > sensibility, regardless of whether it bothers the target.
>> >
>> > think about that next time you call people 'apple seeds' and other
>> > derogatory terms.
>> I don't consider calling someone an Appleseed if a derogatory term. I
>> have some personal friends who I call Appleseeds, regularly. Yet some
>> got very insulted when I mentioned I called Apple Support, instead of
>> them. Also in my capacity as a stockholder, I love Appleseeds. They have
>> made me and my daughters, a lot of money.
>Intent on the part of the user of the term, and how it is received by the 
>individual addressed are going to be the determining factors as to whether, 
>or not the usage is derogatory.When I see Appleseed used, my first thought is 
>that it is intended to be derogatory, and provocative.

Apple users seem to be rather too sensitive in these matters. I would
regard the use of 'appleseed' in much the same way as I would regard
the term 'lofty' to denote a person of considerably above average
>Appleseed is not a term used by users of Apple products to describe 
>themselves. It is a term used by non-Apple users to label Apple users. While 
>you might not have intended your usage to be derogatory, you have used it to 
>segregate/differentiate yourself from Apple users, and to establish your 
>standing as somebody who uses a different OS (...and I know you own and use 
>an iphone).If I were you I would stop calling your friends Appleseeds 
>regardless of how good APPL has been for you.

You are quite right in regarding it as a term to describe users of
apple products. But you are quite wrong as regarding it as a term used
only to denigrate the said users.
>In the case of Mayayana, and his anti-Apple bias, his usage of Appleseed is 
>undoubtably, and intentionally derogatory. He has a similar anti-Adobe bias.

It's a mistake to paint all the rest of us with the same brush that
was used to paint Mayayana.


Eric Stevens