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On Dec 20, 2017, Savageduck wrote
(in article<>):

> On Dec 20, 2017, PeterN wrote
> (in article<>):
> > Aurora in not as intuitive as I originally thought. I have yet to get it
> > to play nicely with LR, and I can't get it to play with Bridge, at all,
> > without first opening the files in PS.
> First, are the Aurora plugins for Lightroom, and PS installed?
> If not installed open Aurora standalone, go to the menu->Aurora HDR 2018,
> click and from the dropdown select Install Plugins.
> The plugins are for LS and PS, not Bridge.
> What sort of issue are you having with Aurora and Lightroom?
> Once the plugin is installed in LR, navigate to the NEF, or NEF exposure
> bracket you want to process, and select the files. Right click and scroll to
> Export. Select export to Aurora HDR 2018. The Aurora HDR dialog will open
> with the individual image, or the images from the exposure bracket with the
> EV differential showing.
> At the bottom left of that window you will see a gear icon in a button for a
> dropdown menu, and a check box for alignment. If you are processing a bracket
> check the Alignment box.
> Click on the Gear button and a sub-window will open giving you options for
> Ghost Reduction, Color Denoise, and Chromatic Aberration Removal. Select
> according to taste, but if you are processing a bracket iit is best to make
> good use of those options. after you have selected your options, click on
> Create HDR, the HDR will then open in the main editing window for you to do
> what you will to it. When you are done, click on Apply/Save and the processed
> HDR will be returned to LR with an AuroraHDR tag.
> For Bridge, navigate to the NEF, or NEF exposure bracket, select the files;
> right click on the selection, and choose Open In->  Aurora HDR 2018, and
> follow the procedure as above. The big exception is, you will be working in
> the standalone app, and when you are finished you will Save back to location
> of the original files, or export using the File Menu, and the options you
> will find there.

Also, for Bridge you should not need to open PS first.

Here is a 5 shot NEF bracket shot with my D300S at Hearst Castle on a night 
tour, handheld in impossible light. Opened from Bridge and processed in 
Aurora HDR 2018.