From: Mayayana <mayayana@invalid.nospam>
Subject: Re: Adobe Stock Images pays photo $0.18 for using his photo
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From: "Mayayana" <mayayana@invalid.nospam>
Subject: Re: Adobe Stock Images pays photo $0.18 for using his photo
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"Whisky-dave"<> wrote

| Are you differntiating here between updates and upgrades ?
| Updates are usually to fix bugs, whereas upgrades are meant to add 
something. extra.
| Most updates are free or should be I;d say.

   That can be tricky. I find it often depends on
the company. And the definition of each can vary.
Microsoft once jumped 2 versions with Internet
Explorer just to catch up with Netscape version
numbers. On the other hand, OSX has been at version
10 for years, apparently because they just love
saying "X".
   My disk imaging/partitioning software, BootIt,
is made by a generous person who provides updates
to each product for years. He doesn't really define
upgrades as new versions.

  By contrast, with Corel's AfterShot Pro it's typical
to get only one minor update. If you buy a new
camera there's a good chance you'll have to buy a
new version of ASP in order to get RAW support for it,
because they won't support their older software.
I'd call that sleazy, but at least the product is
reasonably priced.