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Subject: Re: Adobe Stock Images pays photo $0.18 for using his photo
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From: nospam <nospam@nospam.invalid>
Subject: Re: Adobe Stock Images pays photo $0.18 for using his photo
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In article <p1gpa1$1km2$>, Mayayana<mayayana@invalid.nospam> wrote:

> | X does mean 10 in roman numerals and it;s still basically the same sort of 
> unix under the hood so no real reason to change the name for the sake of it.
> | MS jumerd from 8.1 to W10  and they charged for the update unlike Apple 
> who made it free and since then all system upgrades/updates have been free.
> |
>   I wouldn't brag too much about free Mac updates.

you wouldn't brag about anything apple.

> They charge through the nose for the hardware and
> trap you in their shopping mall. 

absolutely false.

> Then they break hardware
> and force you to buy new, overpriced gear that can only
> be had from cooperating manufacturers. 

absolutely false.

> That's kind of
> like getting a free oil change from Nissan for my pickup
> but being forced to buy only their brand of muffler,
> for $400 instead of $60.

some automakers do exactly that.

>   Apple's not sitting on $3/4 trillion offshore because
> they're generous with their product.

apple isn't the only company with offshore money and also keep in mind
that more than half of apple's revenue is from *outside* the usa.

>   In general MS haven't charged for Win10. 

microsoft offered win10 for free for one year, which has long expired.

win10 currently is *not* free.

>   People have
> had to block Microsoft trying to impose it. Most of the
> talk in the Win10 group for the first few months was
> "How do I stop this thing. It's trying to convert my
> Windows 7." These days it's more about forced updates
> that break things.

microsoft was pushing (no surprise there), but it wasn't that hard to
say no (with one exception, which they admit they screwed up).

>    MS want everyone to be on their services. MS takes
> a cut of 30% on sales of Metro apps and they're trying
> to sell various services through Win10. The *hope* is
> that they'll make a lot more money and won't need to
> sell Windows itself. Though OEMs and corporate will
> still pay.


>   In fact, it seems clear that Microsoft have been inspired
> by Apple. Apple makes over $1B/year just through iTunes.
> That's not windows people. 

actually it is windows people. 

itunes is one of the most popular apps on windows and more than half of
iphone owners are windows users.

> That's Mac prisoners buying
> that stuff.

nobody is a prisoner.

> Microsoft sees the money Apple's making and
> they want in. But Microsoft have never been good at making
> products that people want. Only software. So their phones
> and tablets are kaput

that part is true.

> and their services make little
> sense on computers. (Even Apple is having to accept
> that. People don't shop and diddle so much on computers.
> They mostly work. So Apple is now coming out with a
> system to make their phone/tablet "apps" compatible
> with MacOS so that they can at least pretend to have
> a viable app market on computers.)

that part is not.

rest of your idiocy snipped.