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Subject: Re: Adobe Stock Images pays photo $0.18 for using his photo
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From: nospam <nospam@nospam.invalid>
Subject: Re: Adobe Stock Images pays photo $0.18 for using his photo
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In article<>, PeterN
<"peter,newdelete"> wrote:

> Then explain why apps purchased through the Apple store, disappear from 
> my iPhone with a quick message that they are not longer sold by Apple.

they don't.

you are doing something to delete them.

developers can choose to remove an app from the store for any reason
they want (it's their app, after all), in which case new users won't be
able to download it, however, apple normally keeps older versions for
those who previously did download it, paid or free.

> I  should have a choice, not to upgrade, if it's an app I want to use.

you can keep using an app as long as it continues to work, no different
than any other platform.